Long story short: We think online shopping is super boring right now and live video will make it awesome. ✌️

LIVEBUY is changing the way people shop online. Want to be part of the revolution? We are a fast moving tech start-up and always on the lookout for smart and driven people to join the team.

Our Values


When it comes to achieving a goal, there is nothing more important than the people working towards it.
Friendly vibes, positive tactics, happy thoughts & authentic reactions is what the LIVEBUY-Style is all about! We try to be as international and diverse as our team allows us to. Our remote first attitude allows us to break invisible borders and combine cultures into the one we call LIVEBUY.
We have no employees, just people.


There is no room for politics & bullshit.
We ain't got no time to be blaming each other.
How about we help each other and learn together instead?
If we're in this... then we are all in this together!
Once you step into to our spaceship, then be sure that your dreams will be part of our destination!
We believe in a work culture based on trust, respect, support & growth.


Never follow the white sheep. But also make sure not to become the black sheep. Just follow the unicorn!
The white sheep tells you everything's good as it is, and the black sheep tells you everything's shit. The unicorn tells you there is a way in between to make something better, no matter what it is.
The world is too colourful to be thinking in black & white. Embrace the change!

LIVEBUY GmbH's Benefits

Equipment Budget Package

Receive a monthly budget to choose any hardware you need for the job.

Company Off-sites

We regularly organize team events and off-site company retreats.

Company Pension Plan

Take part of a company pension plan which includes LIVEBUY’s monthly contribution to your future.

Mental Health Program

The program offers you the opportunity to strengthen your psychological well-being and/or overcome current challenges through direct access to professional psychologists and coaches.